How do I know when it's time to replace my roof?

The most common identifier for knowing if your roof needs to be replaced is if it is more than 12 years old. Most roofs have a lifespan of 15-20 years; if your roof is close to that time frame you should have it inspected by a professional.  Here are a few additional items to look for when assessing if a new roof is needed:  

Creased Shingles 

Granulation Loss

Damaged Shingles

Loss of Shingles 

Leaks in Ceiling

Hail and/or Wind Damage 

Discoloration on Walls and Ceiling

Remember, there may be damage incurred that you are unable to see.  It is best to have a professional come out to assess that damage and provide a detailed report of their findings. Florida Building Code 611.1.1 calls for a full replacement of your roof if greater than 25% of the roof needs to be repaired or replaced due to a weather-related incident. Call us today to have one of our highly trained field representatives inspect your roof and provide a free comprehensive assessment.

Do I need to replace my entire roof or just repair it?

The decision to repair or replace depends on the condition of the shingles. If fairly new with no significant damage it would be best to pursue a repair.  If your roof is close to 15 years old and is showing signs of aging and/or damage due to wind and hail (including leaks and cracks), it is time to replace your roof. Our professionals will look for weather-related damages during the inspection. If damages found will cause issues with color matching, the age of roof, or proper re-nailing on your deck (Florida Statute 553.844 with support to Building code 507.2.2 and Building Code 611.1.1) the recommendation may be to contact your insurance company for a full replacement of your roof.

How much will it cost?

Cost will vary depending upon the size of each project and the materials needed to complete the project. In addition, variables that include pitch of your roof and uniqueness of design or materials utilized can also greatly affect cost. We will always provide a free inspection and present you with an estimate for our representatives to discuss with you in detail.


Out of Pocket:  If you plan on paying out of pocket, work will be scheduled no later than three to four weeks from the date the initial payment was received.  You will promptly be notified of any changes due to unforeseen setbacks or weather conditions.


Insurance Proceeds:  If you plan on filing a claim with your insurance company, the process could take up to two to three months for work to begin.  No project will progress without receipt of the first insurance proceed and acknowledgment from your Insurance Company of a legitimate claim. Once your insurance company approves your claim, KGI will move forward with pulling permits, purchasing materials and scheduling a build date for your property. In most cases, on an insurance claim, the build will begin within four to six weeks of receipt of the Scope of Work and Actual Cash Value payment provided by your Insurance Provider. This will allow us to verify with you as a client what the insurance company is willing to cover in the claim, details of the financial structure of the claim, your responsibility in-regards to your deductible (Florida Statute 817.734 Section 7 (d)) and any additional supplements or balance of the Real Cash Value from the Claim. We do this in order to protect you in the event that the insurance company denies your claim and the financial responsibility falls solely on you.  It is important to us that our clients are knowledgeable about the process and work together with us toward project completion in an enjoyable successful process.

Do you offer any financing options?

There may be a financing option available for you through our company. You may also utilize credit cards or other forms of personal financing.  Please discuss these options with your field representative in order to establish the right decision for your household. You may also inquire with your local bank or mortgage company if you intend to use Home Equity Lines of Credit for your project.

How long can I expect the roof to last? Is there a warranty on the work completed?

While the expected lifespan of a roof ranges between 15-20 years, there are many different factors that can expedite the aging process such as hurricanes, wind and hail.  Depending on the type and quality of shingles that you choose, there may be warranty options attached to the purchase. Please discuss these options with your field representative in order to establish the right product for you and your family.

Why can't you just install a new roof over the existing roof?

The practice of roofing over an existing roof, though common, is not our recommended approach due to the possibility of preexisting issues that cannot be seen.  Your shingles cover wood decking and trusses that may have sustained significant damage causing leaks, cracks and possibly mold. With Florida's sub-tropic climate, moisture and high levels of humidity can cause a breakdown in the wood surfaces and support system of your roof that simply cannot properly be assessed until the current materials are removed and the original decking is revealed.  It is best to remove all shingles to expose the entire roof in-order to expose any additional damages that may need to be addressed. Should you choose to file a claim for replacement, your insurance company will require a complete tear-off of current materials.


Why does it cost more for the additional wood for my decking or facia?

While damage is easy to identify by looking at the condition of the shingles, the shingles hide any damage that may have occurred to the wood beneath them.  We are never 100% sure if your home is experiencing significant wood rotting until all of the shingles are removed to reveal the condition of the wood.  If necessary, we will request an additional supplement from the insurance company, however, depending on your policy this may not be available as a covered cost. In this case, the amount of the wood is the responsibility of the homeowner. Very few insurance companies will cover the cost of additional wood. At KGI we will cover up to four sheets of OSB, three sheets of plywood and 20 linear feet of fascia board at no cost to you! Any documented repairs above these parameters must be meet by the homeowner at the time of completion. No further work on repairs of this nature will occur without your full consent.

How do I choose the right roofer?

It is important to choose a roofer who is committed to adhering to the correct processes and procedures to ensure you receive a quality product and experience that is sure to exceed your expectations.  The roofer that you choose must be willing to be upfront concerning the process whether through an insurance claim or personal project and keep an open line of communication with you at all times concerning where your project is in the timeline to completion. Your choice of roofer should have a solid reputation within the community whether they have just begun or been in existence for more than a decade. Be sure to check their website to review their policies and to research any consumer reviews to gain a greater understanding of how they do business. Most importantly you have to feel comfortable that the individuals you have met that represent this contractor have given you the knowledge, respect, information and comfort to make a decision. This is your home so it is important to choose a company that is truly concerned about you as well as the successful completion of the project.

What are the best materials to use for my roof?

Depending on your taste and style, most available roofing materials can be applied to your roofing system. It is best to check with your HOA (if available) to verify what materials are acceptable. Whether it be metal, three-tab/architectural asphalt shingles, ceramic/cement tile, wood shake, or slate, there is style available to suit your needs!

How long does a re-roof take?

The average time-frame of a re-roof is typically three to five days depending on the size of the roof. 

Day One: A dumpster and materials are delivered. 

Day Two: Initial tear-off and dry-in begin. You may also have an inspection depending on your county. 

Day Three: Re-roof is often completed and any mid-point inspections as well. 

Day Four: Clean-up is completed and you and the Account Executive will walk the perimeter of your home for visual inspection. We ask that you acknowledge whether the project does or does not meet your expectations. In the event that it does not, we will gladly address any issues or concerns. 

Day Five: We will schedule for the final inspection and the dumpster will be removed from your property.  

It is important to remember that there are other factors that may extend the build such as extensive wood rot or truss damage and/or various weather conditions.  You will be notified of any setbacks that may arise in your construction process.

How does the weather affect the build time of my roof?

Rain, strong winds and unusually cold weather can hinder the construction process and provide dangerous conditions for the roofing crew.  If hazardous weather creates a conflict in the timing of your re-roof, work will promptly begin once it is safe for our crew to proceed. We will also ensure that all work is scheduled around storm activity to eliminate the possibility of additional damage from water intrusion through an improperly opened and dried-in roof.

Is third party wind mitigation included in the pricing?

Third party wind mitigation is not typically included in the standard installation of a roof unless your insurance company has allotted this cost in your scope of work.  It can prove to be beneficial in the future if you plan on selling your home and having this may help you qualify for a reduction in your monthly insurance payments.  If you are interested in obtaining this report, it must be requested at the time of the contract signing. We will assist you upon request and your Account Executive will go over the terms of such services at the time of contract signing.

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