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Our team at Kentarus Group Inc. (KGI) is committed to providing our customers with high-quality workmanship and affordable solutions. 

Roofing Excellence

Our roofing contractors in the State of Florida are fully certified to tackle any repair needed as well as installation of new roofing systems. 

Building Contractor Excellence

We offer direct involvement with the entire process from beginning to end, and continually provide staff with training in the the latest techniques, skill sets and cross-training to ensure your project is cutting edge. 

With our focus on personal service and our commitment to integrity, KGI is the best choice for any project. 

who we are


Kentarus Group Inc., a certified minority business enterprise (MBE) in the State of Florida, is a licensed roofing and certified building contractor that was established in 2018. As a top service provider for roofing, general contracting and restorative services, we strive to become the preferred solution for our clients and those we partner with throughout all markets. Our diversely talented team keeps integrity and excellence in the forefront of every project we take, contributing to our Gold Standard of Excellence. With over a hundred years of combined experience in the housing, banking, sales, construction, executive management, operations, and insurance industries, Kentarus is committed to delivering superior customer service and a quality product. This focus continues to open nationwide opportunities solidifying a bright future for KGI.  

Mission and Vision


Our Vision:  To build a dynamic development and construction company that consistently performs at superior levels of satisfaction for customers within our communities and the strategic business partners for whom we serve.

Our Mission:  To implement our proactive system that produces streamlined and effective communication with a fully integrated sales and production process. Continually develop and grow into the top service provider for roofing, general contracting, and restorative services in the State of Florida while becoming the preferred solution for our clients’ highest needs throughout all markets we serve.






We are ethical, moral and driven to perform as agreed. You can be confident in taking us at our word.  




We believe in the strict adherence of our employees and our projects to a timely schedule. Our time-frames are legitimate and will be completed as agreed. 




We believe in the quality of our work and our craftsmanship, we strive to create a finished product second to none and to be professional in all we do. 




We know that if we do not truly believe in the work that is in front of us we will not be wholly committed to its successful completion. We engage with projects that we believe in and will give our full attention, resources (both human and material) and our hearts to. 




We believe each individual's ideas, experiences and culture are important, no matter their socioeconomic status. We will strive to have open communication and utilize input from our diverse employee base.




We are responsible to our clients in completion of the job as requested. We will hold to that responsibility, take ownership of our deficiencies, and perform better with our additional opportunities.

What's In A Name?

 While developing Kentarus Group Inc. (KGI), we realized that it was essential to have a powerful name that represented who we are and what we aimed to accomplish. We discovered that Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to our solar system, was being renamed to Rigil Kentaurus. It is the brightest star system to the naked eye in the night sky. We were inspired by this name as we wrote the vision and mission for Kentarus Group. In a fragmented industry, our mission is to be the brightest solution, finding and resolving issues for property owners, both residential and commercial, giving them a true resolution to their challenges.    

Shawn Crockett


Letter from the CEO

Welcome to a new choice for your general construction, development, improvement and diverse roofing needs, Kentarus Group Inc. (KGI). KGI’s goal is to build an organization that can respond quickly and efficiently to the needs for development, infrastructure, housing and skilled labor in our community. We recognize the need for an immediate and dedicated response to these issues in Central Florida. We must address the urgency of the housing shortage; the need for diversity of licensed, certified contractors; proper development of educational structures, vehicles and facilities to meet the increased growth in population, as well as proper development of infrastructure and social services needed to sustain it. We believe we are, and can be, a major contributing part of that necessary solution.

The Construction Industry and its various licensed trades has been historically fragmented over our country’s history. We have many small businesses and their owners struggling to conform with consumer’s high demands; manage large scale projects without proper support or resources; schedule effectively with a reduced pool of skilled labor; mitigate relationships with large insurance providers; navigate local code enforcement and manage the layers of third-party administrators. Yet, they are still required to manage the expectation of the consumers, regardless of these challenges project-to-project, while usually bearing the burden of the financial requirements.

At Kentarus, we have developed the administrative skill set and management structures with the necessary operational oversight to ensure that we can manage any commercial or residential opportunity, in Central Florida and throughout the United States as we continue to grow, regardless of these inherent challenges. We

want our “Gold Standard of Excellence” to show in every aspect of our daily operations, as well as the finished work of any project. Whether it is on a project for a major corporation, trust/investment group, property management firm, small business, or our fellow American citizen and homeowner, we will succeed. Let us join you and your personal or professional family in the journey of a complete project that meets and hopefully exceeds your expectations! We offer a Gold Standard here at KGI for that reason, why would you possibly settle for less?

Gold Standard of Excellence


Kentarus Group Inc. is committed to delivering superior customer service that meets the needs of citizens and businesses in a consistent manner unsurpassed in professionalism, politeness and promptness. 

Kentarus Group Inc.

Creating Improved Communities Across America

Central Florida roofing and building contractor specializing in roofing, general contracting and restorative services focusing on the needs of our clients.

890 North State Rd 434, Suite 1100, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

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